Best Night Vision Binoculars 2019

Night vision binoculars guide

You can use a night vision to find your way at night in a forest or other area. Some hunters also use these viewers to hunt at night, but they are still best known for their use by soldiers. If you are looking for a good night vision viewer then you should take into account the generation of the night vision, mono or binocular, the viewing distance, the extra functions, and the price. If you pay attention to these recommendations then you will definitely buy the best night vision that meets your needs.


The generation of a night vision device determines the quality of the product. Three generations of night vision devices are available. The first generation of night vision devices were the first models to come onto the market. These devices are suitable for observing large buildings or cars, but the picture is not as sharp.

Second-generation night vision devices have a sharper image and a higher range. They are more expensive than the first generation of night vision devices and were previously used primarily for military purposes.

The third generation of night vision devices has the best technology. The image of these devices is clear and sharp. A third-generation night vision is perfect for observing different objects. This type also works well during a dark night thanks to the powerful residual light amplification that it can offer. The big downside of this type is the expensive price, the third generation of night vision goggles can easily cost several thousand euros.

Mono- or binocular

A monocular is suitable for one eye and a binocular can be used with both eyes. We will briefly compare the advantages and disadvantages of each model so that you can then look for offers.

The advantage of a monocular night vision is the compact size. It is easy to take this product with you in your jacket pocket when you travel. A monocular is also lighter in weight. The disadvantage is that you can only look with one eye, which is also detrimental to your depth vision. Most monocular night vision goggles have a maximum range of 350 meters and you can focus from 5 meters.

The advantages of a binocular model are that you can use both eyes to look and have more depth vision. The larger size and weight are of course a disadvantage compared to the monocular night vision.

A binocular night vision is also not one of the cheap night vision. A monocular model is cheaper to purchase, so you need a smaller budget to buy this product.

Viewing distance of the night vision

The viewing distance of a night vision device mainly depends on the generation. The third generation of viewers has the largest viewing distance and the first generation the smallest. The object you see also plays a role, a larger object such as a building is easier to observe that a small object such as a rabbit. The amount of residual light also has an influence, the more residual light is present, the better you will see. This residual light is produced by the moon and the stars. During an extremely dark night, you can use the infrared light to better observe.

There is a difference between passive and active observation with a night vision. When you are passively observing you use the residual light and when you actively observe you use technology such as infrared light. This is only necessary when the sky is completely darkened.

Extra functions and cost

There are night vision goggles with which you can take photos and videos. You do need recording equipment that you can connect to the night vision via a video output. If you plan to use a zoom, choose a model with a large optical zoom. The optical zoom works much better than the digital zoom. With digital zoom, the quality of the image deteriorates.

The housing of the night vision is important. Choose a sturdy metal housing so that your product is protected against shocks and drops. If you choose a model with plastic housing, the night vision can be quickly broken. A metal housing ensures that the product weighs more.

Set up a budget based on your preference. You need a lot of money for a third generation night vision, but nowadays a first generation model is one of the cheap night vision.

Night vision goggles reviews – top 5

Would you like to spot animals during a night walk or feel safer while camping? Then buy a night vision device so that at night you have an idea of what is happening around you. We have compared several top products and have listed them, choose the best night vision for yourself.

Recommended products

NightOwl Nonexgen

With the NightOwl Nonexgen you use the latest optical technology to see in the dark. This night vision scope optimizes weak lighting with the top-quality 24 mm lens. You can even enlarge up to 2 times and thanks to the built-in infrared lamp it can also be used at night in complete darkness.

You can see a width of 230 meters at a distance of 650 meters. This device is lightweight and has a comfortable design. It comes without the batteries needed for the infrared lamp so you still have to buy it separately. This product is ideal for outdoor activities.

It is possible that this product has not been bought by anyone yet because there are no reviews written yet. For this reason, we cannot give any advice about this night vision scope offer.

If you are looking for a cheap night vision, then this NightOwl Nonexgen is not exactly what you are looking for. Yet this device offers a lot of advantages and possibilities that can be very attractive. It is therefore really worth taking a closer look at the properties of this night vision.

Bresser NightSpy 3 × 42

The Bresser Nightspy is a residual light amplifier for better vision in low light or darkness. The device is equipped with a triple magnification and the image converter transfers the residual light to the electronic screen. The product is supplied with batteries to power the article.

It is a compact device with simple function keys and a good grip. You can place this viewer on a tripod thanks to the built-in connection and with the infrared heater, you can illuminate in the really dark places. You will also receive a nylon hip bag with your delivery and a manual.

This product is part of the category of cheap night vision, but despite the low price, there is still no review written for this device. Because no one has posted an opinion yet, we cannot provide any advice about this night vision viewer.

You can also always opt for this night vision from the famous brand Bresser Optics. It is always possible that this is considered by some buyers as the best brand. This model is actually a kind of residual light amplifier. This means that the device will help you to be able to see just a little more in twilight or in low light.

Velleman Nightvision

The design of this article is based on that of a United States military night vision. With this device you can look up to 60 meters far during the night and 400 meters far during the day. For night vision, it is equipped with powerful IR LEDs and the product is also supplied with a neck strap for easy carrying.

It is a monocular viewer and you can enlarge it 3 times. This device is very suitable to take with you while camping or for hunters. The device works on 8 AA batteries that are not included, so you still have to buy these yourself. The batteries work for up to 10 hours during the day and 6 hours at night.

Be the first buyer to write a review for this product. There are currently no reviews posted yet, so we cannot formulate advice for your purchase.

As soon as you see the design of this night vision you will immediately think of a typical standard military night vision. In short, with this night vision you will not only get a solid and durable device in your home, but above all a real eye catcher.

Minox Night Vision NV351

A residual light amplifier adds light to the darkness so that you have better visibility during the night.

With this night vision from Minox you can make objects up to 70 meters far visible in detail. The housing of this device is sturdy and even weather resistant so you can also use it during rain or snow.

You can enlarge with this item 2.5 times and the device is also light weight so you can easily take it everywhere. The viewer is equipped with a connection for a tripod.

This night vision viewer has not been reviewed with a review by a user. So you have the chance to be the first buyer to give an opinion on this item.

Just like one of the previous devices, this Minox Night Vision NV351 night vision is more of a kind of residual light amplifier. This means that as soon as it gets dark or there is simply less light, this device can be a very good tool. That way you create a much better visibility.

Luna Optics LN-PB5M

With this first generation night vision binoculars from Luna Optics you are assured of images under poor light conditions. The device is equipped with a high-quality glass optic with multi-coating lenses and is also equipped with a super close focus with which you can focus at a distance of 2 meters.

The device also has an infrared function to have a vision range of 425 meters during the night. The internal parts of the viewer are protected from sunlight thanks to the special Light Protection System sensor. This sensor prevents the device from starting up in too much light. The housing is made of aluminum and is even weatherproof.

The Luna Optics has not been reviewed by online buyers. Due to the lack of reviews, it is not possible to formulate advice.

Finally, there is also this night vision from the well-known and highly appreciated brand Luna Optics. It is not only a solid device, but also particularly durable. Below you can already thoroughly examine the advantages and disadvantages of this night vision