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Crazy!30 seconds by the head of Ko Taiji

On May 17, in a folk arena in Zibo, Shandong Province, Ma Baoguo, a 68 year old “Hunyuan figure and meaning Taiji leader”, was knocked out by Wang Qingmin, a 50 year old folk MMA lover, in 30 seconds, which was unexpected.In this competition, Ma Baoguo, who is known as “receiving chemical hair” technology, has been knocked down three times by Wang Qingmin. After the last fall, there was even a coma of up to two minutes.At about 23:00 on May 17, Ma Baoguo’s personal micro blog “@ Hunyuan Xingyi Taijiquan Ma Baoguo” sent a message saying, “Mr. Ma is all right now, thank you for your thoughts!”

What kind of person is the Republic of Paolo? The cover journalists sorted it out.According to Ma Baoguo’s book “practice of Shangji Xingyi boxing”, he was born in a martial arts family. His father, Ma Defeng, has practiced his ancestral martial arts since he was a child. He has profound skills, especially in lightness and capture. In January 1941, Mar de Feng joined the Eighth Route Army.

Ma Baoguo said that his father, Ma Defeng, was able to gallop for more than 240 Li day and night and was good at fighting and catching, so he was selected as a special investigator and repeatedly made contributions. Especially in an encounter war with the Japanese aggressors, “when the commander was injured, Ma Defeng carried the commander on his back, relying on the unique skill of lightness skill, and ran for more than ten miles with the commander on his back at one go.”.According to Ma Baoguo, his father, Ma Defeng, fought with the Japanese invaders for many times. He defeated the Japanese invaders several times with the help of his horse family’s Kung Fu, and he never got hurt.

Ma Defeng often goes into enemy occupied areas alone to carry out investigation or attack tasks. He can not only fight and capture, but also has the martial arts of watching the night when he is in the street. Even when he is sleeping, as long as there are people, his body can react immediately, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

After the birth of Ma Baoguo, Ma Defeng also taught his unique family knowledge to Ma Baoguo.After being handed down by his father, Ma Bao Guo visited all over the country to master the essence of Wushu. He eventually merged his family with Taijiquan and created the “Yuan Yuan Style Taijiquan” technique. At the same time, the Taiji theory of “jiehuafa” was put forward, and the unique skill “three whip” of “Hunyuan Xingyi Taijiquan” was created.

Previously, there was a video on the Internet. In the video, Ma Baoguo was competing with a foreign MMA player. He defused the attack many times and hit the opponent many times with “three whips”. Although the video was later revealed to be acting, Ma Baoguo never admitted it. He said, “it’s a fake fight. If it’s true, he’ll die.”Ma Baoguo once said that he could beat a 200 Jin man with one finger and break the “naked twist” by singing a song. In his palm, he practiced “the meat ball of the general switch of Taiji”, “there is no set of horse Kung Fu, which can beat any Kung Fu in the world…”.”Master Ma has become a famous teacher” and “bodyguard with miraculous skill”. These legendary experiences of Ma Baoguo have also been talked about by netizens. Some netizens said, “master Ma deserves the name of a great master.”

The match in Zibo, Shandong Province, took place around 4 p.m. on the 17th, with Ma Baoguo and Wang Qingmin appearing on the stage.However, what no one expected was that Ma Baoguo was knocked down by Wang Qingmin just four seconds after the opening.Later, Ma Baoguo was knocked down by Wang Qingmin twice in a row. With the third fall, Ma Baoguo could not get up any more. The whole process took less than 30 seconds.In fact, this is not the first time that Ma Baoguo has been injured. As early as January this year, Ma Baoguo was once “Ko” by a fitness enthusiast.

According to relevant information, this fitness enthusiast has cervical disc herniation. After learning that the traditional martial arts Taiji station has a great effect on the recovery of cervical spondylosis, he met Ma Baoguo through a friend’s introduction. At that time, he was going to find Ma Baoguo with the purpose of visiting his teacher, but he didn’t expect that Ma Baoguo would call fitness useless when he met him. Without speculation, the two sides naturally began to fight, and then Ma Baoguo’s right eye was puffed up by the fitness enthusiast.And Ma Baoguo himself has also recorded a video to respond to this, saying that the so-called fitness enthusiast, pretending to have cervical spondylosis, is actually a liar. He was ordered to frame himself. He didn’t talk about martial virtues in his duel and attacked himself. He was careless for a while, and then he said to the other side, “if he did, he would have been beaten out. It’s his turn to attack?”

Master Ma Baoguo has repeatedly proposed that his “jiehuafa” can withstand the opponent’s attack, then catch the opponent’s moves, dissolve the strength, then call back, and then receive HUAFA, which has become a very “mysterious” martial arts. However, in the two competitions, it seems that no one can see this unique skill of “receiving hair”, even master Ma was knocked down in four seconds.There are also netizens to help Ma Baoguo explain, “in fact, it’s all teacher Ma’s intention. He can’t bear to hurt the younger generation. What if teacher Ma uses three lashes to beat the disabled.” Some netizens also said, “what if Mr. Ma uses his internal skill to shock his opponent?”Therefore, among many netizens, Ma Baoguo got a label of “good will”. At the same time, some good netizens nicknamed Ma Baoguo “Junzi Quan”.

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